Soviet Missile Base was the site of a UFO Initiating the Launch Sequence as reported by George Knapp in 1995

As a former activist in the US affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, I have a great interest in what are called “UFOs and Nukes.” This is also the title of the important book by author Robert Hastings. In the video linked below, Las Vegas reporter George Knapp is shown investigating an incident in the former Soviet Union during which a UFO reportedly initiated the launch sequence at a nuclear missile complex. Similar interference at US nuclear weapons facilities have been consistently reported for decades. 

It is conceivable that these incidents have been staged by UAP intelligences to send a message that we should get rid of these weapons that are viewed by peace activists as “instruments of genocide.” Warnings about nuclear weapons and environmental destruction have been reported by Contact Experiencers for over a half century. For these reasons I believe that there exists the possibility of linking the flying saucer issue with the creation of an international social movement demanding world peace, security, prosperity, and direct and open contact with the non-human intelligences responsible for what are now being called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. 

For additional information on the societal impact of flying saucers the following links are provided:

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