High Strangeness Galore during Contact Training at Robson Mining World


Joseph Burkes MD 2004, edited 2023


In the spring of 1993 CSETI initiated an in-depth training that was a landmark for the organization. Over 60 UFO enthusiasts were to attend. The training was held in the middle of the Sonoran Desert 29 miles west of the town of Wickenburg at the site of an abandoned mine. Robson’s Mining World (RMW) was described on the internet as an “authentic Gold Mining Town,” that offered “the world’s largest collection of antique mining equipment.” The training lasted four days and three nights. During the day lectures alternated with meditation sessions. The program was reasonably priced and as I recall with meals and lodging the total was about $300 dollars per-person. The CSETI training brought sympathetic investigators from all over North America. The participants were mostly professionals in their 30s, 40s and 50s and could be categorized as “New Age.” It was the hope of the CSETI leadership that many would return home to their respective communities and establish their own CE-5 Initiative Working Groups.


Several other prominent investigators served as faculty. Shari Adamiak played a major role in organizing the undertaking. She was the first CE-5 Working Group Coordinator. Shari gave the important workshop on Working Group Operations. Wayne Peterson was the CE-5 team leader for Phoenix. Shari, Wayne, and I facilitated the fieldwork demonstrations. 

Dr. Richard Haines, a retired NASA Ames research psychologist, gave a workshop on observational skills as well as staging some of the more innovative aspects of the training that I will explain in detail later. He was a world expert on pilot sightings of UFOs and his computer database had over 4000 sighting reports. He published several books in the UFO field. In addition to his lecture, he helped stage some exciting “atmospherics” that focused on both research site security issues as well as the “high strangeness” associated with the UFO phenomenon. Later he went on to publish a book titled “CE-5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. The front cover stated “242 Case Files Exposing Alien Contact.”  

I traveled to the training with Alex Ayres. His job as a screenwriter made it easy for him to get away. We took a one-hour flight to Phoenix. Soon we were barreling down a lonely two-lane desert highway in a rented Nissan Sentra.  Countless cactus bushes dotted the flat landscape. Occasional hills studded with large boulders rose several hundred feet from the desert floor. The rainy season had just ended, and we were a couple of weeks early for the wildflower bloom. The weather that time of year promised to give us dry-warm days in the eighties and cool nights with temperatures going down into the low fifties. We had all been advised to carry both cold and hot weather clothing.


Robson’s Mining World was situated several miles into the desert away from the main road. There were no houses, no lights, no powerlines, or other trappings of civilization that might interfere with out fieldwork. A barbed wire fence and a motorized swinging security gate marked the entrance to the resort. It was radio operated from the main compound about a quarter of a mile away. Large car batteries behind the gate powered a transmitter that signaled our arrival. The main compound consisted of an original mining town with hundred-year-old buildings, some were kept in good repair, others just falling apart. It definitely had the feel of the Old West. 


The first evening I was somewhat delayed in leaving the lodge and getting out to the desert. Our research site was located beyond the locked gates and barbed wire fences that marked the edge of Robson’s Mining World. My team was already beginning to assemble to start the night’s contact work. It was twilight and I rushed to join them out in the field. Alone I jogged into the desert. I carried my gear with me. I was excited about the prospects of making contact. With such a large group and with Dr. Greer’s proven track record of being able to attract UFO phenomena, I very hopeful that we would have positive results. I ran along the same gravel road that we had all used to enter the resort. As I approached the radio-controlled gates, I felt a strange sensation. Whatever it was, it hit me hard. The “it” was designated within CSETI circles as the “presence of consciousness”, or simply “mind.” The best description of “presence of consciousness” is via an analogy. 

Think of a time, perhaps during childhood, when you may have entered a room at home and no one else is visibly present. Everything is still. There is no movement, no sound, no giggling heard from a sibling hiding under the bed. Nevertheless, you know that someone else is definitely there. You could feel it as awareness at the level of knowledge. Sure enough, a quick inspection usually reveals a friend or sibling, quietly hiding out of sight. It is a kind of awareness of the presence of another mind, another consciousness other than one’s own. I experienced this sensation intensely while running out to join my co-workers. It was the presence of another mind. It was so strong that I stopped dead in my tracks just before the gate. I held my breath and listened. I slowly turned around and carefully scanned the desert terrain around me. Not a soul was visible, but as circumstances were to later reveal, I was not alone there. 

Three working groups of 20 researchers each set up research sites outside of the barbed wire fence that bordered the resort grounds. An experienced CE-5 WG coordinator headed each team. I staffed a group made up primarily of California investigators. Shari Adamiak from Denver and Wayne Peterson from Denver headed the other teams. Each Working Group was separated from the other two by several hundred feet. Our teams created a triangular configuration that could seen from the sky. Dr. Greer was to rotate between the groups as we conducted the contact protocols. This consisted of meditating, playing tape recorded sounds of presumed ET origin that had been recorded in a crop circle, sky watching and signaling with powerful lights. It was twilight when my group set up folding chairs in a circle some 30 feet across. In protocol fashion, we said a few words about ourselves and set about dividing up the various tasks that fieldwork required. These included assigning spotters to scan all sections of the sky on a continuous basis, running recording equipment and guiding the meditations. 


Suddenly we saw a flash of light and heard an explosive charge go off some one hundred yards from our position. We were all startled and I immediately thought we might have a problem with site security. I became even more concerned when I saw smoke rising from direction of the explosion, a small brush fire had started.  I started to ask for volunteers to investigate. Joe Vallejo, a jet pilot for a United Airlines quickly took charge and announced that he would take care of the problem. Alone, he quickly strode off across the desert floor towards the smoke. Within a minute I could see him kicking sand stamping out the fire with his boots. He ran, arriving back. slightly out of breath, sweaty and visibly annoyed. “Some jerk set off some fireworks, that’s all it was.” He said. In contrast to his negative reaction, I was somewhat pleased about what had just happened. The momentary excitement of a simulated security problem seemed to me to be an excellent exercise and I was thankful that Dr. Haines had made added this to our training experience. Others in the group didn’t quite see it that way and complained about the disruption. I was happy about the way Joe Vallejo had handled himself by taking the initiative to investigate and then putting out the fire. I was proud of my team and I knew that our months of fieldwork together had really paid off. My Los Angeles based contact team would be a very positive example to the others and would help facilitate our joint training.

After doing the protocols for an hour or so at our individual research sites, the CSETI Director called all the participants to join him at a campground, we formed a circle several rows deep around him. A wood fire was burning in the center of the circle. The light flickered off the faces of the eager trainees. He led us in a joint meditation. It was a celebration of the oneness of the universe and all conscious intelligent life. After the usual twenty minutes of thought projection and visualizations, he ended his guided meditation. We opened our eye sand looked around. The fire was still burning. The dark sky overhead was filled with a myriad of brilliant stars. A heavenly peaceful and positive mood descended upon the group. Through Greer’s efforts, whatever negativity associated with the simulated security breach had disappeared.


 As I recall, he then outlined some additional general points concerning our contact efforts. Despite the increasing chill, all focused attentively on the CSETI leader. It was then that something quite remarkable occurred. Four or five desert white tailed jackrabbits suddenly appeared at the campsite. Instead of their usual behavior of staying as far away as possible from humans, they came right up to us. They stood on their hind legs and paused, as if to listen a bit to Dr. Greer’s discourse. The normally timid creatures became increasingly bold. Several actually scurried between our legs as we sat very close to the desert sand on our aluminum folding chairs. It was simply incredible. The proprietors of the resort told us that they had never heard of such behavior by wild jackrabbits. It seemed to me that our group emanated some kind of attractive force or presence that the little rabbits must have found irresistible. This apparently is a phenomenon that is rare but not unique. I’ve been told that the meditation literature describes stories of great sages or avatars meditating in the forest who have emerged from trance surrounded by an assortment of wild beasts lying peacefully at their feet. 


After the night’s fieldwork the groups joined came together as one to discuss the results of our research. One individual in Shari’s team gave a very strange report. Fred (name and occupation altered for confidentiality purposes.) a hospital worker from Hawaii said that he had observed a purple-colored saucer shaped UFO for several minutes. He apparently did not point out this finding to the other investigators in his team. He told us that he had observed the object while standing alone, but separated by only a few yards from Shari Adamiak, his team leader. She reportedly had been working with several other investigators scanning the night sky when Fred saw the UFO. Neither she nor her other co-workers had apparently noticed the unusual object that Fred reported seeing. We asked Fred how this was possible. How could he, among some sixty total researchers, be the only one who reported having a specific sighting of a nocturnal flying saucer?  His response was strange to the point of causing me concern about his emotional stability. Fred described the other members of his group as being “turned off.” This term suggested that they had their consciousness altered (presumably by non-human intelligence) in such a way that they were incapable of observing the craft that only he was allowed to witness. This term “turned off” was even more disturbing because of its highly charged significance within the political battleground of ufology.

CSETI promoted contact with non-human intelligence of a presumed extra-terrestrial nature. Our assessment was that an alleged ET presence was essentially non-harmful. This pro-contact position has been bitterly attacked by the many investigators within the UFO subculture who assert that aliens are abducting humans and forcefully taking them aboard spacecraft. These are the victims of alleged alien abductions, the so-called “abductees” who have been the focus of much sensationalist media attention during the past forty years. Of course, they and their supporters have a great deal of explaining to do. How can the abductees be removed from a room, or a car populated by others who reportedly observe nothing of this alleged criminal act? The routine explanation is that these potential witnesses of alien abductions have been “turned off.” Supposedly the sinister ETs using advanced consciousness technology have induced a kind of trance like state in those around the targeted victim. Those “turned off-tees” thus can offer no corroborating testimony to the alleged abduction. It all seems quite far out and requires a considerable leap of faith to accept. To have one of our CE-5 investigators such as Fred, suggest the same kind of mechanism was happening during our attempts at peaceful contact, was difficult for me and other team leaders to accept.

Fred’s bizarre report caused concern not only among the Working Group Coordinators but also a PhD clinical psychologist Dr. Dixie Sullivan who had volunteered to key an eye on the mental stability of the trainees. There had been no elaborate attempt to screen the applicants for mental health problems, although many were friends of existing team members and could be personally vouched for. I was particularly dismayed to think that possibly one of our own was hallucinating. 

The next day several of the volunteer staff went to Dr. Greer as a group and expressed our concerns about Fred’s reported sighting and his notion that others in the group had been “turned off.” The CSETI Director, however, did not seem alarmed at all. He listened patiently to us and then stated that such evidence (Fred’s alleged sighting) was an example of why it was so important to have UFO research conducted by multiple individuals who were skilled observers and who could corroborate each other’s sightings. Instead of focusing on the uniqueness (or what I had already inappropriately labeled in my mind as the weirdness) of Fred’s experience, Greer emphasized the importance of withholding judgment on one another’s subjective impressions during sky-watch and other CE-5 research activities. Instead of allowing the incident to become divisive, his sound leadership allowed me to refocus on the work at hand, that being the training of a large contingent of enthusiastic contact workers who had assembled under our CSETI banner. 

Dr. Greer’s apparent lack of concern was a little bit surprising to me at the time. My concerns about Fred’s mental stability were apparently way off base. For the next five years I maintained contact with him. I saw him at meetings, received email from him and spoke to other co-workers in the UFO field who were aware of his activities. All the reports demonstrated that he continued to work successfully not only in his profession, but he also played an active and positive role in the contact network.


After leaving CSETI in 1998, I slowly changed my perspective on the contact experience. I abandoned the rather simple belief that all bona fide sightings of flying saucers represented actual extra-terrestrial spacecraft, i.e., physical objects with crews who were conceivably representatives of extra-terrestrial civilizations. It took me a long time to accept that sightings (and other manifestations of non-human intelligence of a presumed et nature) are likely staged psychic events. These strange encounters are being created by advanced alien technology that interacts with human consciousness in such a way that the encounters appear convincingly physical to people. The tremendous variation in the contact reports in the worldwide UFO literature results in part from the way this non-human intelligence uses technology to create a kind of theater of the mind. The expectations of the subjects help shape the nature of the contact experience. This occurs for both willing participants (as I was and still am) and the not so willing participants who suddenly find UFO encounters thrust upon them.

I must admit that I can no longer freely embrace the extraterrestrial hypothesis as I joyfully did during my CSETI days. I speak of non-human intelligence of a presumed ET nature as TOWCET (This Otherness [that] We Call ET.) It is my assessment that it has the astounding capacity to use advanced psi technology to directly interact with the human mind creating a wide range of contact experiences. The notion that the alleged aliens can create a kind of virtual reality using advance psi technology, has radically altered my who approach to the phenomenon. Technologically induced visual, auditory, or other sensory illusions are taking place at both the individual and group level.

Using an individual experiencer’s psyche as the substrate, an encounter is co-created by non-human intelligence. Those with hidden fears of aliens may find themselves “abducted.” Of course, they likely never leave the room but awaken with memories that are often vague. Many truly don’t know what happened during the alleged encounters. If they run into an abductionist oriented UFO researcher, they are eventually led to believe that outrageous criminal acts have transpired. It is my opinion this belief in alien abduction often is established through misleading the witnesses. This often occurs because the subjects are place under hypnosis and becomes highly suggestible, or because the alleged victims have been “primed” by others prior to being interviewed by the abductionist researcher. For more details on this phenomenon see Estes, Cole, and Randle’s book “Abduction Enigma”.

In contrast those with aspirations for peaceful contacts with benevolent “ETs” may likely have a friendly Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind. An important difference being that the CE-5s can often be attested by multiple witnesses and there are opportunities for real time documentation of the alleged alien encounter. In Fred’s example this was not the case. That first night the theater of the mind staged by TOWCET was exclusively for him. Subsequently there were multiple witnesses to events of extreme High Strangeness. 

The second day offered a full schedule of lecture and group meditation sessions. Dr. Haines gave a workshop on observational skills, memory, and perception. During the lunch break a bizarre group of black robed figures, hooded with strange masks marched past us and quickly turned a corner in the old mining town. It was another exercise he arranged and was better received than his fireworks display of the previous night. Many of the trainees and volunteer staff were exhausted from the late-night sky-watch activities. The walls of the lodge were without insulation and the world’s loudest snorer in the next room must have kept the entire floor awake the remainder of the night. I cursed myself for not bringing a supply of earplugs, a standard part of my equipment during overnights in the ER. 


During the day I started hearing a strange audible beep. I heard it intermittently throughout the day. It was a very short clear electronic tone. It seemed to be identical to the alarm sound made by early digital watches produced in the 1980s. I heard the tone both when alone and in the presence of others. It was so short in duration that I had no way of localizing the direction from which it emanated. I asked my co-workers about the sound. No one confessed to having produced it, although a few others admitted to having heard a beep that matched my description of the strange sound.

At night we walked out to the research site in a group. As I approached the gate, I noticed several CSETI investigators had paused in front of the security gate. They were just standing there and listening in silence. I slowed my pace and focused my attention. The strange sensation of the “presence of consciousness” was still there. The others seemed to have experienced it as well.

My team wasted no time in starting the night’s contact work. We set up our folding chairs in a circle some twenty-five feet across. Kathy Kaminsky, one of my LA Working Group members led the guided meditation. She lived near Topanga Canyon State Park and served as our guide into the park during research outings there. Over six feet tall, in her late forties, she had long white hair and was an experienced meditator. I was happy when other members of my team volunteered to lead the exercise in the “Coherent Thought Sequencing” that was an essential portion of CSETI’s contact protocols. I had been meditating for less than a year and quite frankly I lacked confidence in my ability to lead this important part of the work. 

Towards the end of her guided meditation she stated, “We now ask for a sign of your presence.” It was our custom to utilize this phrase on rare occasions. As soon as the simple direct request was made, half the circle of researchers to Kathy’s left simultaneously heard a short loud single beeping tone. The sound seemingly came out of nowhere. It was so perfectly timed to her request that those who heard it, half the circle me included, chuckled in delight. What made this occurrence even stranger was the fact that the semicircle of investigators to her right reported hearing absolutely nothing. The beep was loud and clearly was heard in only one ear. It was as if someone had placed a digital watch directly next to my right ear and then triggered a solitary alarm beep. As I sat in the circle across from Kathy, my right ear was pointing towards the sentry gate located several hundred feet away. 


Minutes later Alice, (pseudonym) a WG member from Northern California came up to our team.  She was accompanied by a friend Nisha, (pseudonym) Even in the fading light I could see from their tense faces that something significant had happened. We summoned Dr. Greer who listened to the ladies’ strange story. 

Both were late in getting out into the field. Nisha set out first walking on the gravel road. She reportedly heard something in the bushes along the side of the road, but she saw nothing unusual. There was just the sandy terrain with a scattering of desert plant life. She stopped twenty yards in front of the gate and listened. Something or someone was definitely out there, and it was moving towards her. At that point Alice drove up with her car. Nisha waved for her stop and told her that she wanted to experience something really unusual then she should join her. 

They both stood together in the increasing darkness and described hearing the same bizarre noise. Whatever it was, it sounded big, like a person shuffling through the undergrowth.   Instead of one source of movement, they began to identify multiple separate sounds from different locations. All seemed to be slowly and hesitatingly creeping towards them. Each sound appeared to move forward a few feet, then it stopped. Then the sound of movement across the sand was heard from a different location. After advancing several feet it too would stop. Both women reported becoming somewhat frightened. They had no idea what was headed their way. No desert animal life was visible in the twilight. Nisha took the initiative and attempted communication. “I ‘m frightened,” she said. “Just one of you come forward.” In apparent response only one set of invisible footsteps advanced. “That’s enough,” she said. According to her narrative corroborated by Alice, the sound of movement immediately ceased. 

What then ensued was a kind of children’s game of Simple Simon. “Now two come forward,” she told the unseen intelligence responsible for the encounter. From two separate locations the sounds of footsteps advanced towards them. Becoming frightened again she ordered them to stop, and amazingly they did. After thirty minutes of this strange playful interaction, they broke off contact by simply getting into the car and driving out into the desert to join the rest of us.

Dr. Greer listened to them and then selected a team to investigate. He chose me and Alice and her senior citizen father Mike (a pseudonym) He had driven out in his large RV. At that training session and subsequent ones, his RV was used to warm us up when the temperature dropped down into the forties and even lower. When we arrived back at the security gate there was an eerie silence. No wind, no invisible footsteps. Mike revealed that he was long experienced in psychic matters. He claimed to see with his mind’s eye the race of alleged being’s responsible for the phenomenon. His description was as follows. Several invisible extraterrestrial beings were reportedly very nearby, supposedly within a few dozen yards of our position. His impression was that they were tall, over seven feet and slight of build. It all seemed to me so utterly strange and impossible. Greer however did not show the slightest intention of challenging the validity of Mike’s sixth sense impressions. I asked myself, “Can this really be happening to me? I’m standing in the dark, in the middle of the desert and I’m supposed to believe that invisible beings are lurking around me?” It was all so weird I didn’t know what to believe.

Suddenly I experienced something that I had never felt before during fieldwork. I was gripped by fear. I remembered the times as a child when I was persecuted by Irish and Italian children’s street gangs in New York City. One short Irish kid whenever he saw me threw a stone at me. He almost never missed. Often, I caught sight of him just as he launched his missile, with no time to take evasive action I knew I was going to be hit and instinctively covered my head. 

The gravel road on which we stood was loaded with stones. The bizarre thought occurred to me that if I picked up a handful and threw them blindly into the darkness, I could keep at bay whatever was out there. It was so childish and so fear based that I was filled with shame. Months of CE-5 Initiative training, meditation, discussing our peaceful intentions and visualizing an ET craft landing, all that effort designed to facilitate friendly contact, was suddenly unavailable to me. Here I was supposed to leading a contact team, and when faced with modicum of High Strangeness I was reduced to feeling like a small, frightened child. I did my best not to show my fear. We stood on the road for no more than fifteen minutes, no sounds of invisible footsteps were heard, and we retreated to the others who were eager to find out what happened.


Back with my team, I learned that the strange electronic beeps had increased. Practically everyone was hearing them. Alex suggested to me that we use them as a kind of interactive compass. He proposed that we take a few steps in any direction, and if the intelligence responsible for the tones wanted us to move in that direction, then a beeping sound should tone. Alex had been so helpful during our encounter in the Santa Susana Pass; I did not hesitate to follow his suggestion. Sure enough, each time we walked back along the road toward the security gate, we received a confirmatory beep. Moving in any other direction did not trigger the electronic sound. The non-human intelligence responsible for the phenomenon was repeatedly showing us the path back to the security gate. It was the exact location of the High Strangeness phenomena, both the “invisible footsteps” and the “presence of consciousness” that we had experienced. Others tried the “interactive compass” and to their delight received a beep in one ear when they moved towards the security gate. 

Even higher strangeness incidents were reported by my team. Shirley, my co-worker at the hospital went to her minivan to get some equipment. Instead of her remote control opening the doors, all the locks merrily continuously popped up and then down in sequence one at a time, front doors, side door then back door.

Repeated clicking on her remote control was to no avail. Her GM Astro-Van reportedly stayed locked. The thought occurred to her, why not try the key itself. To her utter amazement the door locks did not accept the car key. According to her, no matter how hard she tried, some unseen force physically prevented her from sliding the key into the lock. Shirley tried all the doors with the same result. Finally in a burst of frustration she angrily shouted, “Stop your Goddamned ET tricks!” The wild opening and closing of remote-controlled locks suddenly stopped, and Shirley was able to open her car.

Shirley and Kathy told me the next day that they had stayed out at the campfire site all night long. A young man at least twenty years their junior was there with them. They all were witness to the “invisible footsteps” phenomenon. As with Nisha and Alice, the footsteps appeared to be interactive and stopped on their command. Just as before the sounds came from multiple directions and gave the impression that the footsteps were closing in on them. My co-workers told me that they were not particularly frightened and that they were quite fascinated by the phenomenon. This was not the case of the young man who accompanied them on their all-night vigil. According to their account he was quite frightened. He reportedly held on to his briefcase in fear and refused to go back to the hotel alone. Sometime before dawn they called it a night and walked back to the hotel together.

Other weird events included Shirley’s sighting of a beautiful golden disc over the hills adjacent to the lodge. It appeared to be only a few miles away and the sighting lasted about two minutes. It happened on the last night of fieldwork. One evening Dr. Greer reported seeing two red lights moving along a mountainside. They looked just like the taillights of a car on a road. The next morning, in broad daylight, that same hill revealed a sheer rock face where no road could possibly be situated. His sighting clearly fell into the category of “unidentified.”


The training ended with the participants in high spirits. The CSETI leadership, myself included, had high hopes that many new CE-5 working groups would spring up around the country as the result of our efforts. Alas, it was a promise that did not come to fruition. In the next year less than five new teams took to the field. With one or two exceptions, most could not sustain research activities for more than a few months.

A wide range of sensory modalities are being employed by non-human intelligence in the contact process. For reasons that I can only guess at, TOWCET chose to demonstrate its virtuoso capacity at Robson Mining World in auditory modalities. Both silent footsteps and electronic beeps were employed. It was highly interactive by responding to spoken requests, and even could be described as playful. Shirley was the brunt of the joke with her Astro-van locks going haywire. Even she did not fail to find the encounter funny. 

TOWCET also displayed its technological process by being able to produce complex sounds that we recognized as the movement of a large animal or person in our vicinity. None of the witnesses was able to see any physical disruption of the fauna or desert sand during the second night’s strange interactions. There was no movement of the vegetation while we heard the rustling sounds. No footprints in the sand appeared (as portrayed by Hollywood invisible man movies.) In some ways the most dramatic capability was evident in Shirley not being unable to control her cars locking system, at least until she shouted a harsh command. Her description of not being able to physically insert the key into the door lock is most bizarre.

One might speculate as to the nature of the technology required for TOWCET to stage this particular act of the contact drama. I recall the incident when Kathy Kaminsky asked for a sign of their presence. The beeping sounds heard were so well directed that they were able to target the half circle of researchers on the side closer to the security gate. The fact that “they” were able to hit one ear with a tone, in my opinion shows an exquisite targeting precision. Was a highly directional beam of energy directed at the external ear or perhaps even the auditory nerve? I don’t expect I will ever know. Perhaps it has become a cliche to state that sufficiently advanced technology will appear to primitive people as magic. Nevertheless, as in many of these High Strangeness experiences, I am left with sense of wonder as to what a technologically advanced non-human culture is capable of. It was indeed magical.

Most importantly, the interactions we achieved during the training were totally non-harmful, thus reaffirming the CE-5 Initiative’s principle that safe, even friendly contact events can be staged cooperatively. One dark aspect of the training at RMW was the fear factor. From my perspective it had more to do with human limitations (most specifically my own), than to any malevolence of the alleged ETs. 

I guess my becoming frightened, under even the most benign and supportive circumstances with Dr. Greer at my side and surrounded by friendly co-workers, taught me an important lesson in humility It was indeed a time for much personal growth.

Following the spring 1993 training session at Robson Mining World I experienced growing doubts about my ability to lead our Los Angeles based contact team. There were however no candidates to take my place, so I carried on as best I could. Within the next six months a series of strange incidents transpired that helped me rebuild my confidence in my capacity for leadership in this most unusual project. It all started with a series of remarkable dreams and included one experience that could be labeled as a “telepathic override.” 

For other “Reports from the Contact Underground” the following links are provided:


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